Panel Glide Blinds

A unique system of installing flat, sliding fabric panels that glide across the windows and give sleek, long lines. Excellent for sliding doors and you can also consider Panel Glide blinds as a room divider.  With a wide variety of fabrics and a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

Some our most popular fabrics below.

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Blockout Panel Glide Blinds

This is a smooth UV coated fabric offering 100% blockout for the ultimate in privacy and a great choice for bedrooms to promote a good nights sleep.


  • 100% Blockout for the ultimate in privacy
  • Help stop the sun’s damaging rays from deteriorating your furniture
  • Excellent for sliding doors

Viewscreen Panel Glide Blinds

The viewscreen fabric is extremely popular as it protects your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays and offers privacy without blocking your view.


  • Viewscreen fabric is dust and mould resistant, so excellent for allergy sufferers
  • Viewscreen fabric is UV treated and PVC coated to Insulate rooms and block the sun’s damaging rays
  • Viewscreen fabric allows you to still see out during the day, yet maintaining your privacy
  • Excellent for sliding doors